Ways to Improve Your Safety Record

Operating a manufacturing or field services organization is inherently risky. There are ways to improve your safety record that you might consider to reduce costs.

Benefits of Improving Safety

Obviously, the main benefit of improving safety is for your employees. But there are financial incentives as well. For example, if you can improve your safety record, you may be able to become a member of a group captives plan. Proactive safety recognition is also good for morale. Safety and quality initiatives also tend to go hand in hand, as both disciplines tend to reward methodical thinking about process.

Lip Service to Safety

Unfortunately, some companies take a cynical approach to managing safety concerns. Employees quickly discover that the company uses slogans and holds meetings to give the appearance of concern about safety, but really expects workers to cut corners on safety to reach their production goals.

Ways to Improve Safety

Training improves awareness of hazards and demonstrates to employees that you put safety first. There are a variety of training programs out there. General topics include safe driving and wearing equipment like safety shoes. More specific topics may focus on your industry, such as enclosed vessel entry training for the paper and chemical industry.

Incentives for safe days worked as a team foster teamwork and provide tangible rewards for maintaining safe practices. These incentives may take the form of cash, but more commonly are promotional products with your company logo, like shirts, jackets, caps, USB drives, and collectible items like pins.

A third way of thinking about safety is to include it in your process and quality management. By including safety in the discussion when you examine processes and quality, you instill safe procedures as part of your production training. This way of looking at safety embeds it in your company culture indelibly.

Don’t pay lip service to safety. Embed it in your culture and processes for maximum results.