Reasons Adding a Car Wash Will Benefit Your Gas Station

Gas station owners know that gas alone is no longer the only source of revenue. Convenience stores and restaurants are becoming standard in gas stations across the country and are responsible for larger percentages of profits. With most of the competition already having convenience stores, you may ask how to differentiate your station. Adding a car wash can be the solution, and here are some items to consider when researching the benefits.

1. Revenue

The most obvious reason to add to or build any business is revenue. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, automatic car washes are a seven billion dollar industry. Though it requires an initial investment, they typically have a net profit of over eighty thousand dollars each year. Depending on your location, car washes can be very seasonal. Therefore, most owners time the opening to coincide with the beginning of warmer weather. This way, they can start offsetting costs right away and see profits sooner.

2. Low Barriers to Entry

Adding a car wash is easier than ever before. If you have the land, it’s really just a matter of contacting a company that specializes in building them. As an added convenience, some of these builders also offer car wash repair services, so it takes virtually no additional time from employees and owners.

3. Changing Habits

In the current fast-paced environment, less people than ever before are washing cars themselves at home. It is incredibly convenient, fast and cheap to drive a car through a wash. Therefore, a car wash will attract gas station customers from competitors, and it generally increases convenience stores sales as well.

Any gas station owner would be wise to consider adding a car wash. It can provide additional revenue and distinguish the service from competitors. Companies specializing in building and equipping washes make it easy to get started, and soon you’ll be enjoying the profits.