Journal Of Business And Finance

Plenty of internet customers search on-line about recommendations on the way to earn or earn cash on-line. You will learn about the financial environment in which a business operates, as well as being able to conduct investment appraisals and explain the major types of long-term capital and their distinguishing features. You’ll also learn to recognise the key tools that are used to identify risk. Assessment is carried out through writing a business report.

As can be expected, careers in both management and finance come with a terrific salary potential and good job security. While uncertainty in other industries is accelerating, business and finance jobs are expected to grow by 10 percent over the next decade, with 773,800 new predicted jobs in the US by 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Leadership is the subject of much academic research, debate and analysis and even media headlines regularly attack public figures on their leadership. In this module students are guided through styles of leadership and examine the effectiveness of each. They will consider and identify successful business leaders and understand how and why they have achieved success. The module includes sessions where students get unrivalled access to a panel of business leaders. They are also encouraged to critically analyse current research on leadership to help them define their own styles.

This module takes an integrative perspective to explore how organisations develop their capability, adaptability and agility to survive and thrive in a postmodern organisational context. You will develop skills and knowledge to understand and plan successful organisational development (OD). You will learn how to transcend organisations’ functional boundaries and unite hard and soft approaches. With a strong practical focus throughout, you’ll be equipped with the core tools and underpinning theories that are associated with OD.

The IMI Diploma in Business Finance will give you the confidence and skills required to participate in decision-making at the highest level, and to work effectively with your finance colleagues. On the programme you will work with experienced finance specialists and business practitioners to develop knowledge and competence in the key areas of finance.