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Holiday Season Shopping: High Risk Merchant Account

The 2018 holiday shopping season is knocking the doors! Any small business owner knows that holiday sales can either make or break their bottom line. So, how are you going to make your bottom line? Do you have a reliable high risk merchant account? Where can you get it? Just keep on reading below to get a better idea of all this.

Making Purchases During Holiday Season

For some retailers, the holiday season accounts for almost 30% of their total yearly sales, as the National Retail Federation reports. A recent survey reveals that Americans aren’t counting out small businesses for their holiday shopping. Buyers feel anxious about online purchases during the holiday season. Particularly, they want to be sure their purchases will show up on time.

On the other hand, smaller merchants’ confidence to meet the deadline is growing. 2017 data from over 30.000 US small- and medium-sized merchants running … Read more

What Are The Most Profitable Savings And Investment Products?

The many offers of savings products, investments and businesses lately make many people often confused from the basic essence of each of these products. This results in people often choosing products that make financial planning not optimal.

Investment products have basic characteristics that investors do not need to work and just invest enough, have the principle of the higher the risk, the greater the return. Savings have characteristics, small returns, people who save enough to save their money while waiting for the interest on the savings. Beyond this concept, enter the business category. So do not be tempted by investments while you are still asked to work, for example looking for customers, downlines or others.

After understanding these fundamental differences, you also need to be smart in choosing savings products that are in line with financial goals. If you choose wrongly, the results will not be maximal. Here’s the guide … Read more